Skype Sessions

skype-psychic-readingSkype sessions are available for all clients, within or outside of the continental United States.   By using Skype, Lynn to able to connect Spirit, with people from around the globe!

Skype provides a face to face, personal session with Lynn, while enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

If you choose this option, please remember to include your Skype contact ID name, in the Comment section, under the Contact tab of the website.

You will need:

Lynn’s Skype ID: lynn.kay2

Contact me to schedule a Skype session



Individual Sessions

A free digital recording is provided, via email, upon request, and can be saved to a USB port or disc.  Please note the original recording is deleted after 30 days.

  • 15 minutes = $40
  • 30 minutes = $80
  • 45 minutes = $120
  • 60 minutes = $160

Two Person, Same Session

  • 30 minutes = $120
  • 60 minutes = $200

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